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Ductile Iron Spun Pipe involve a normal pipe end, the spigot, being inserted into the socket or bell of another pipe or fitting with a seal being made between the two within the socket. Normal spigot and socket joints do not allow direct metal to metal contact with all forces being transmitted through the electrometric seal. They can consequently flex and allow some degree of rotation, allowing pipes to shift and relieve stresses imposed by soilmovement. The corollary is that unrestrained spigot and socket joints transmitessentially no compression or tension along the axis of the pipe and little shear. Any bends, tees or valves therefore require either a restrained joint or, more commonly, thrust blocks, which transmit the forces as compression into the surrounding soil. Thus, Spun Pipes have higher tensile strength, yield strength, ductility and impact resistance which are the reasons why the use of Ductile Iron Pipes has grown up at a rapid rate. We deal in this product at an all India Level having tie ups with the major manufacturers. Also to meet the demands of customers, we keep stock of the same at all the time so that we can give a faster service so that customers do not have to wait for the material to come from the plant.
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